What is a Merganser?

We Are Often Asked "What Is A Merganser?"

A Merganser is a fish eating duck with a slender, compressed bill, hooked at the tip and serrated at the edges. Five species inhabit the northern hemisphere, widely distributed in Europe and North America. Two rare species are Brazilian and Chinese and a seventh, now extinct, inhabited the Auckland Islands. The merganser is seldom hunted for food because of its fishlike taste.


What Is/Isn't The Merganser Group?

The Merganser Group is a consulting group widely distributed in North America and Europe, with migratory activity elsewhere. It does not employ quacks, nor is it hunted for food. There is nothing fishy about our output.

There is nothing green about Merganser Group experts, unlike the head of the common or goosander male. The Merganser Group crests on each project, like the female goosander and hooded merganser. There is nothing rusty about the Merganser Group experts, unlike the male red-breasted merganser, or anything small about our output, unlike the smew. We are definitely not extinct!